We are developing transformative medical grade intimate care solutions, democratising access for all.

Advancing health and user comfort with innovative caring product and testing solutions that make sense - are sustainable and scalable.

Tazi is a planet positive solution, designed to improve form and function of intimate care, while reducing the impact on our ecosystem.

Innovative design, advanced manufacturing and materials science combine to deliver a user centred solutions.

Inspired by the natural diversity of our environment,  we have pioneered to combine sustainable materials with innovative design in harmony with the subtle balance of sustainability, respect, safety, functionality, and purpose.


Our mission

Liberating people from discomfort and embarrassment with innovative solutions for personal hygiene. Any time, anywhere.

Our working ethos

By its inherent design, Tazi improves personal, social and environmental wellbeing. Worldwide.

With sustainability surrounding the very nature of our business, it makes sense that our values reflect this, from key stakeholders to investors. To be in a unique position to activate this change in the beginning is not only humbling, it’s empowering.

When new products disrupt the market without sustainability in mind, they have to retrofit later. We’re doing better from the outset.

Tazi has its positive ecological impact built in. 

Our social vision

Hygiene and better wellbeing for all.

Bettering people & the planet
Removing plastics from oceans.

Giving back to humankind
Providing underserved, indigenous and rural communities worldwide with easy access to intimate hygiene products.

Our product vision - easy access for all

Gentle hygiene products of organic and biodegradable composition.

Design out waste at inception to remove  waste from oceans and waterways.

Empower users to easily use our products anywhere, anytime even in the absence of clean running water.

Tazi - a sustainable difference.

Supported by

MVP Ventures Grant

Research & Development Grant

AMGC Grant